Pearls come in many colors, shapes and sizes. Virtually all pearls you ever see in stores are ‘cultured pearls’, man induced by inserting a ‘nucleus’ into a Bi-valve such as an oyster or clam. The shell fish produce ‘nacre’ (the shell making material), around the nucleus in layers building up a smooth coating for 12 to 36 months. A pearls quality is determined by the fineness and thickness of nacre, the surface smoothness and shape, all of these will influence the pearl’s cost. Size is an important factor too, the larger pearls are much harder to produce and the chances of them being rejected or irregular increase ten fold. Therefore extra large high quality pearls are much rarer and more expensive.

Kirk Milette Jewelry has a unique collection of: South Sea, Fresh Water, and Natural Abalone Pearls along with standard white Akoya pearls, all sizes and shapes. With direct sources and over 30 years selecting pearls. We offer a wide selection of sizes and qualities at great values. If we don’t have the pearl you are looking for we will locate it.

golden pearl 14 mm to 16 mm tahitian pearl

South Sea Golden Pearls with the golden lipped oyster, and a selection of fine large multi colored pearls.

multi color pearl black pearl ear rings

Tahitian South Sea Black Pearls with the oyster shell that produces them, and pairs set a side for custom ear rings.

abalone pearl free form abalone pearl shapes

Rare Natural Abalone Pearls with the Single shelled Abalone that they form in. These pearls are not cultured or man induced.

Please look at the selection of our hand made jewelry settings with many of these beautiful pearls.