Custom Ordering Jewelry with Kirk Milette Jewelry we will work with you on a personal custom design, making sketches building the exact design you have always wanted. Creating an original design with the style, details, colors and shapes you had only dreamed of. Locating the perfect Diamond or a unique Gemstone could be part of the quest. You can select from Rare Pearls, or Exotic Gems that were found years ago, some items we will not see again. You might get inspiration from other pieces you see in the cases, pictures or begin with a completely new idea. We can start to blend and bend lines combining many ideas together. Kirk then builds the original wax model with the requested details. Casting and adding the finishing touches to the jewelry piece, we will bring it to completion.

Kirk specializes in conceptualizing designs, forming dynamic personal customized jewelry.


The Beauty of a custom order with Kirk Milette Jewelry is you know you are getting it directly from the artists, with the skill and know how to create your order properly. You can be assured the quality of workmanship, and years of producing unique and collectable pieces of jewelry will transform the design into a special piece.

 Natural Abalone Pearl with Rainbow moonstone

One of our favorite things is to work with a unique natural shape, building a specific design around a one in a million natural Abalone Pearl or gemstone. The design can accent the curves, complementing as it accentuates the organic shape. If desired we can add fine detailed figures, diamonds or other colored gemstones too.

These one of a kind designs blend the shapes of the pearls and selected gems. We envision the setting adding a little magic and precious metal, bring a design to life. Creating something you won’t see anywhere else.


Many custom orders involve specific sizes or quantities of diamonds or other gemstones. Working the geometric forms into a curve is an opportunity so they can complement and interact.

Conforming to the size of the selected gemstones and the double band of this inspired ring was a challenge, we wanted to keep the graceful details and curves at the ends of the ‘bridge’.

 White Gold Diamond and Ruby Ring

Here is the finial outcome of a custom order, now this Ruby and Diamond ring is treasured by it’s new owner.

 This Custom Remount featured a large 3 ct. center Diamond, then we added  a vintage looking tapestry of smaller princess and baguette diamonds set on the sides, making this a real ‘stand out’ ring, with a one of a kind look and setting.

The clients wishes are the guiding force of these designs, they follow the factors that are most important to you. With your guidance and input we create some of the most unique and original custom orders, it is a fun challenge, with a beautiful outcome.


When you want a new custom ring, pendant, bracelet, ear rings or pin we can design it and make them for you. If you are asking for a round diamond to look square in platinum we can do that. I may suggest adding some custom details that might help make it your own and set it apart from anything else. Here are a few more samples of custom ordered jewelry we have created.

Special ordered Platinum and Diamond Ring1.25 ct. Diamond set in Platinum Ring


All custom designed jewelry is made to order. Platinum or 14K, 18K, 22K gold any color, sterling silver the choices are yours. Kirk Milette creates one of a kind pieces, limited productions and has designed and made hundreds of custom Logos and charms.

Please contact us if you have any interest in developing a custom design.

Thank you, Kirk Milette Jewelry.